Deep hole drilling and boring machine

The deep hole drilling and boring machine is used to process deep holes with an aperture ratio (D/L) of 1:6 or more, such as deep holes in gun barrels, gun barrels, and machine tool spindles. A deep hole drilling machine in which the workpiece rotates (or the workpiece and the tool rotate simultaneously) is similar to a horizontal lathe.

There are general-purpose deep-hole drilling machines, special-purpose ones and those refitted from ordinary lathes. In order to facilitate cooling and chip removal, the layout of deep-hole drilling machines is horizontal. The main parameter of deep-hole drilling machines is the maximum drilling depth.

The bed guide rail adopts double rectangular guide rail suitable for deep hole processing machine tools, with large bearing capacity and good guiding precision; the guide rail has been quenched and has high wear resistance.

It is suitable for boring and rolling processing in machine tool manufacturing, locomotives, ships, coal machinery, hydraulic pressure, power machinery, pneumatic machinery and other industries, so that the workpiece roughness can reach 0.4-0.8μm.

This series of deep hole boring machines can choose the following working modes according to the workpiece conditions:

1. Workpiece rotation, tool rotation and reciprocating feed movement;

2. Workpiece rotation, tool does not rotate and only reciprocating feed movement; , Tool rotation and reciprocating feed motion.

Deep hole drilling and boring machine processing technology requirements In order to meet the technological requirements of deep hole processing, the deep hole drilling and boring machine should meet the following conditions:

1) Ensure the coaxiality of the drill pipe bracket (with the drill pipe support sleeve), the tool guide sleeve, the spindle of the headstock and the spindle of the drill rod box.

2) Stepless adjustment of feed movement speed.

3) Adequate pressure, flow and clean cutting fluid system.

4) It has safety control indicating devices, such as spindle load (torque) meter, feed speed meter, cutting fluid pressure gauge, cutting fluid flow control meter, filter controller and cutting fluid temperature monitoring, etc.

5) Tool guidance system.

Before drilling into the workpiece, the deep hole drill is guided by the tool to ensure the accurate position of the cutter head, and the guide sleeve is close to the end surface of the workpiece.

Post time: Feb-18-2023